Cellular Health Essential Oil
Cellular Health Essential Oil

Cellular Health Essential Oil


Adjuvia(tm), a natural cellular health antioxidant supplement that helps us thrive, boosts our energy levels and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

We use the fresh water algae Haematococcus pluvialis to make our bioavailable lipid rich nano emulsion containing  600 mg of Adjuvia Astaxanthin that can travel deep into the interior of our cells.  

Once embedded into our cells,  astaxanthin is 6000 more powerful than Vitamin C. It protects enzymes, metals and minerals critical to maintain our heath and make energy from reactive oxidative species (ROS) coming from our mitochondria. 

How it works

Active Ingredients:  Adjuvia Astaxanthin
Inactive Ingredients:  MCT Oil, Natural Peppermint Oil

90 day supply 

Directions for Use & Warnings

Product Compliance and Allergen Statements