Why do COVID 19 Patients Die from a Cytokine Storm? The Basics

COVID19 infection has puzzled many epidemiologists because of the unpredictable consequences of its progression in different patients. Healthy populations are best positioned to survive COVID19 and are typically asymptomatic or suffer from mild symptoms. Older populations and those suffering from other diseases and chronic conditions have compromised immune systems and are particularly vulnerable.

What is a cytokine?

Cytokines are proteins released by cells that promote a wide range of inter-cellular functions including relaying instructions to other cells about what to make. Cytokines participate in the immune system telling other cells to start pro – inflammation or anti-inflammatory actions.

What is a cytokine storm?

Our immune system is designed to protect us from foreign invaders like the COVID-19 Virus. Once detected, our immune system starts and directs a ‘fire’ to attack the invader. This fire is a pro-inflammatory event. As the invader gets vanquished, the immune system has to put the fire out via the anti-inflammatory pathway.

If our bodies are depleted of the resources needed to put the fire out the fire starts burning healthy cells starting an autoimmune attack.

A cytokine storm or cascade describes the case where there our immune system generates an excessive inflammation response and is unable to signal other cells to start putting the fire out. 

Without the anti-inflammation balancing reaction the fire quickly rages on killing our healthy cells.

Why do Covid19 Patients die from a Cytokine Storm?

Rapid decline and death is often attributed to a cytokine storm or cascade that causes a fatal autommune attack on lung tissues. Oxygen is vital for our cell’s ability to make energy and as the lung tissue is attacked, the medical community has no choice other to place the patient on ventilation to ensure the body received the oxygen it needs to continue the fight. The vast majority of patients on ventilation die as oxygen alone does not create the chemistry our bodies need to put out the fire.

As the immune system fails, critical elements our immune system requires including taurine, zinc, iron, magnesium, and selenium are depleted. Taurine, for example, mitigates the corrosive nature of the cytokines. The cytokines rise up, are unmitigated and the body destroys itself in a “Cytokine Storm”. 

Cytokine storm prevention

Until a vaccine or cure for COVID-19 is developed we are left to fight off COVID19 with the tools nature provides.

In the absence of a targeted vaccine or cure for COVID-19 older populations and those suffering from other diseases and chronic conditions must rely on an often compromised and exhausted immune system to defeat the invader. 

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