Our Story

We observed the beginnings of climate change while diving the world's coral reefs and founded what has become the world's largest indoor hatchery to raise & preserve reef fish for future generations and develop novel methods for sustainably farming feed fish that are difficult to breed. 

To succeed at raising the Cast of Finding Dory,  we had to study and recreate diets that promote the mitochondria and cellular health of our animals. 

All life on earth needs energy. Plants use photosynthesis to harvest energy from sunlight.  Animals adopted mitochondria which are capable of making energy using oxygen, glucose and enzymes.  However, the mitochondria also make a toxic waste product called reactive oxidative species.(ROS). 

Mother nature was up to the task, creating antioxidants that can detoxify ROS.  She made two types,  one class was water/blood soluble, that clean up ROS that escapes from our cell walls. Vitamin C and chlorophyll are great examples of blood soluble antioxidants.

However our mitochondria are INSIDE our cells so nature needed a much more potent antioxidant to immediately attack and neutralize the ROS our mitochondria produces prior to reaching our bloodstream.   Astaxanthin is natures most powerful antioxidant, 500x more powerful than vitamin C.

Nature made a
staxanthin in algae followed by small krill, copepods and crustaceans. Multi-celled animals quickly evolved as there was now a mechanism to cope with the toxicity from our mitochondria. 

To raise marine ornamentals without antibiotics and deformities,  we needed to recreate the form of astaxanthin that was in the food chain 600M years ago

We bought natural and synthetic astaxanthin from commercial suppliers that sell supplements to humans but nothing worked to grow better, healthier fish. 

Desperation bred invention. 

We developed a patented method to take in plant cells containing astaxanthin and create highly bioavailable emulsions containing astaxanthin that replicate the form and composition of astaxanthin found in krill and copepods.

Our fish quickly responded to having astaxanthin back in their diet, growing faster, making more eggs, able to fight off viral and bacterial infections without antibiotics,  expressing more color and living longer.

Adjuvia.Life by Sustainable Nutrition is dedicated restoring sources of  astaxanthin to humans. 

We believe that replicating how the food chain presented astaxanthin to humans will have a profound impact on human health, wellness and immunity. 

Astaxanthin was always in our diet. Until we industrialized food production and took it out. 

Join us on our journey. 

 John, Matthew, Terry and Tim