Adjuvia Pet Formula- How it works

How it works

Our pets depend on us to feed them a proper diet. Most commercial pet foods do a great job at providing macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats) needed for energy &  growth. 

Some suppliers also add micronutrient supplements such selenium,  taurine and iron to promote animal health.  However,  we have yet to find a pet food that contains the vital mitochondria targeting antioxidant (MTA) astaxanthin. 

If astaxanthin is presented in the right form together with an oral delivery system to get it to the right place, your pet will thank you!

Adjuvia astaxanthin embeds itself into the mitochondrial and cell plasma membrane. Once there it protects the mitochondria, the cell and other vital micronutrients and enzymes from being oxidized and damaged by the reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by your pet's (and ours) energy production process. 

We know now that almost all chronic diseases in our pets (and humans) rise from long term mitochondrial dysfunction from excess ROS.  Astaxanthin helps prevent mitochondria dysfunction that can occur if ROS oxidizes the mitochondria itself, lowering its ability to make energy and replicate. 

Astaxanthin helps protect the cell's DNA & RNA,   reducing chances of deformities and developing cancer. 

Astaxanthin also protects other valuable micronutrients from being oxidized. For example astaxanthin is 5000X more powerful as an antioxidant vs. Vitamin C. If present,  astaxanthin protects your pet's vitamin C freeing it up to make collagen and strong bones.  

The Right Form Delivered to The Right Place

Astaxanthin comes in three shapes called stereoisomers.  Two of the three shapes (“R”)  are toxic to animal health and should be avoided.  The best form of the 3S, 3’S astaxanthin comes with ‘hooks” (ester groups)  on either end that help capture ROS.  When attached to a 3S, 3’S stereoisomer,  the hooks provide the maximum antioxidant benefit.   The ideal and most powerful form of astaxanthin is therefore esterified 3S, 3’S stereoisomer,  aka “the good stuff.”

To function as a powerful antioxidant, we need to get the good stuff into the cell and mitochondria  plasma membrane close to the source of ROS. Here is what it looks like. 


How do you deliver the good stuff to the right place? 

Esterified 3S, 3’S Astaxanthin is a complex structure.  Parts of the structure loves water and therefore dissolves in blood (hydrophilic) and parts hate water/blood *hydrophobic”). 

To get into the blood stream it needs help and that is where Adjuvia Astaxanthin's oral delivery system comes into action. 

Our patented process uses an algae called Haematococcus pluvialis (Hp)  which is rich 3S, 3'S astaxanthin.  Our process uses high amounts of mechanical sheer forces to break down the Hp biomass to <100 nanometers,  uses a solvent to help form and attach the ester groups on either end and finally uses the fatty acids and lipids in the algae cell to form envelopes that transport this molecular complex through the digestive tract and blood stream into the cell interior.