Adjuvia Hand Sanitizer FAQs

1) Does Adjuvia Hand Sanitizer outperform other alcohol only options? 

Yes.  We use a CDC compliant alcohol base with Adjuvia Astaxanthin adding a potent antimicrobial agent that helps prevent residual viral and bacterial contamination from penetrating our skin. 

2) Is Adjuvia Hand Sanitizer compliant with nitrile and latex gloves? 

Yes.  Technical citations here. 

3) My hands are dry and irritated from repeated use of hand sanitizers on my shift. Can Adjuvia Hand Sanitizer help? 

Our patented process pulverizes fresh water algae cells creating nanodroplets containing our astaxanthin compound while retaining all of the lipids/fatty acids found inside the algae cells.  Astaxanthin is widely   These lipids put down a protective layer on the hand an are the mechanism of action allowing astaxanthin to penetrate into the subdermal layers of our skin.  Astaxanthin is widely used in skin care to keep skin healthy.  Users report their hands feel softer. 

4) Is Adjuvia Hand Sanitizer Cost Effective? 

Each 2 oz bottle sanitizes 200 pairs of hands.  Use one pump per hand and rub all over. Users of gel based sanitizers frequently over apply gel and use separate moisturizing products to combat the irritation and dryness that can occur from repeated use of alcohol only sanitizers.