Adjuvia AntiAging Cream FAQ

1) What are the benefits of using your cream on my body? 

Adjuvia AntiAging cream is formulated help your skin maintain elasticity, repair UV damage, reduce wrinkles, restore suppleness and retain moisture. 

2) Will my skin turn pumpkin in color from using your product? 

The pumpkin color of our antiaging cream comes from nano droplets of oil containing  Adjuvia Astaxanthin which is 50-100X smaller than other astaxanthin skin supplements on the market.

At that size the astaxanthin quickly penetrates deep into our skin and the color vanishes.  Users with sun damaged or older skin have observed that the time it takes for the color to vanish can be up to 20 minutes but with repeated use dropping to < 1 minute or even seconds. 

3) Will use of Adjuvia antiaging cream cause staining on clothing, bed pillows or other fabrics that my skin comes in contact with? 

Once the color vanishes indicating complete absorption of our astaxanthin by your skin then it is safe for the skin to come in contact with fabrics.

 In the event of a fabric, apply a stain remover, wash with laundry detergent and use an electric/gas clothes dryer. 

4) Where does your astaxanthin come from? 

We source a species of northern river fresh water algae called Haematococcus pluvialis (HP) in its hibernating state. When faced with the onset of winter,  HP protects itself from UV, oxidation and from being ingested until it resumes photosynthesis in the springtime.  This "knot" of astaxanthin has to be pulverized into nanodroplets to be bioavailable. Our patented process does exactly that. 

5) Can I use Adjuvia AntiAging Cream on my face and hands?

Yes, however,  our cream is not designed for the eyelids or to get into your eyes. Wait until the color is completely absorbed prior to exposure to rain or sweat.