Where oh where are your mitochondria?

Where oh where are your mitochondria?

Step on the scales and 10% what you weigh is 30 billion trillion mitochondria,  each one doing cellular respiration using glucose and oxygen to upcycle ADP to ATP which powers cells throughout our body, 

So where are they? 

80% of the cells in our bodies are red blood cells ( only4% of our body mass).

Not a single mitochondria to be found.

Makes sense. Red blood cells transport oxygen to other cells and burning up the oxygen to make ADP is not a good use of oxygen.  Red blood cells make energy using an anaerobic process called glycolysis and don't need energy to move around as the heart does that. 

Heart cells have more mitochondria (5K per cell) than any other cell type in our bodies but the heart only weights about .5% of our body mass. 

19% of our body mass is fat  that is just hanging out waiting until we need it so no mitochondria there either.

So outside of our heart, the balance of our mitochondria are powering up neurons, kidney, liver, thymus, pancreas function and muscles.

Under normal conditions, about 2% of the oxygen used for cellular respiration is converted to reactive oxygen species.  (ROS).  Unmitigated ROS acts like chlorine in a pool. Like ROS,  Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent which will oxidize anything it can find explaining why it kills algae. 

Good for pools,  bad if you want to live a long time

If anything goes wrong with our mitochondria (called mitochondria dysfunction)  they lose efficiency and convert more oxygen into ROS dumping toxins into the very organs that are keeping us alive.  If you can't break that cycle: 

  • Your neurons don’t fire causing chronic brain disorders such a  dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  
  • Your kidney stops removing toxic waste from your bloodstream
  • Your liver stops performing 100+ functions that only your liver can do. 
  • Your thymus is unable to produce enough B and T cells to put down viral and bacterial infections. 
  • Your pancreas cannot make enough alpha and beta cells to regulate blood glucose levels.
  • Your muscles can’t make enough energy leading to fatigue and brain fog.

What causes mitochondrial dysfunction?


Dietary stress from intaking too many modern starches and/or not enough micronutrients.

Emotional stress from work or abusive relationships

Physical stress from facing dangers including being in a war zone or a dangerous neighborhood.

Environmental stress from being too hot, cold, or exposed to toxins such as tobacco smoke, alcohol, mercury, lead and air pollution.

We can’t solve all sources of stress but we can mitigate the effects of stress using antioxidants. 

Nature’s most powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin, evolved 600M years ago to offset the effects of ROS, extending the lifespans of species that could make it or eat other animals who did. 

It has been in the human diet since homo sapiens first showed up-  until we removed it by changing the diets of the animals we eat. 

Astaxanthin and mitochondria travel together.  If you eat organs rich in mitochondria , the brain, kidney, liver... of wild animals you will get your share. Other sources include wild oysters, shrimp , salmon, fish, frogs, bugs and chicken eggs from chickens eating wild bugs. 

Or simply reach in your cabinet and take Adjuvia Astaxanthin.  

Your choice.