The Science of Immunity: How to boost your T cell Population and Fight COVID 19

The Science of Immunity: How to boost your T cell Population and Fight COVID 19

What is a T cell? 

T cells are the hunters of our immune system, trained to detect the signature (antigen) of a specific foreign invader such as the COVID 19 virus.

Where do T cells get made?

There is a small gland located behind the breastbone called the thymus, our factory for making T cells.  The thymus is most active through puberty where it creates variants of T cells each trained to attack different foreign invaders.

As we age, the thymus is exposed to excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) and atrophies eventually converting into fatty tissues and losing its ability to make and train T cells to  attack new foreign particles.

As we have watched COVID19 spread, there have been numerous scientific studies that show subjects with strong T cell populations if exposed to COVID are typically asymptomatic and those with fewer T cells prone to succumb to the virus. Hence why the COVID Case Fatality Rate is 100X more prevalent in the age group 75-84 vs 25-34  (

How to I protect my Thymus?

The best way to protect the thymus’s abilities is to mitigate the ROS produced by the mitochondria that the thymus uses for energy production with antioxidants. 

Dietary antioxidants have been shown to enhance production of robust and numerous T cells. Astaxanthin, nature’s most powerful antioxidant, targets the mitochondria and cell plasma membranes of the Thymus, Once in place, astaxanthin helps protect the other compounds required for T cell production from being oxidized.  

What is the best astaxanthin supplement available? 

To embed astaxanthin into the mitochondria and cell plasma membranes, astaxanthin has to be small enough to pass through our stomach lining and surrounded by lipids enabling it to travel through the blood stream.  (astaxanthin is not by itself soluble in blood).   Look for supplements that are lipid rich nano emulsions such as Adjuvia Immune System Booster.  Adjuvia Immune Booster also includes other compounds like selenium, DHA, vitamin C and Taurine required for T cell production.

Do you have proof it works?

The scientific community has a growing body of literature linking healthy T cell production to reduced mortality rates from COVID as well as linking antioxidants to  healthy T cell populations as antioxidants mitigate the mitochondrial dysfunction in the Thymus. See references below.

Our in-house observations also suggest that our Adjuvia Immune Booster helps protect people from viral infections by boosting immune system performance. 


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