The Five Pillars of our Immune System: Cell Walls

The Five Pillars of our Immune System: Cell Walls

The Five Pillars that form our immune system are Power, Blood, Command & Control, Cell Walls & Hunters.  This blog covers the role cells walls play in our immune system and why the micronutrients astaxanthin is critical to cell wall defenses.  We will also cover cover how COVID19 enters into our bodies and replicates. 

Cell walls are a major line of defense. Skin helps protect us from pathogens that live on things we touch. The lungs & sinuses linings block airborne pathogens from entering into our bloodstream.  Every cell wall is designed to keep pathogens from entering. 

While cells walls want to keep pathogens out they also  have to let nutrients in, remove waste and send & receive signals. These pathways are "weak points" that pathogens exploit to enter into the cell. 

Viruses are not alive. They can only replicate by using the power and micronutrients found inside our cells so and successful viruses like Colds, Flu and now COVID become very good at hiding and penetrating our cells. 

Our immune system has several layers of defense including  

  • Preventing  the virus getting into our blood stream (skin, sinus/lung tract)
  • If in our blood, recognizing the invader as dangerous and eradicating it prior to entering our cells and causing damage
  • Killing & removing infected and dead cells to stop its spread.

We will cover how Hunters work in a future blog along with what the COVID19 vaccines out there do.  Our blog about Blood introduced Angiotensin-Converting Enzymes (ACE) which regulate our blood pressure. ACE-1 is an enzyme that wen released raises our blood pressure.  The anti-inflammatory ACE-2 enzyme lowers blood pressure and reduces swelling.  ACE enzymes hang out in the cell wall and ACE-2 is most prevalent in our sinus tract and the linings of our lungs. 

COVID19 exploits the ACE-2 enzyme to penetrate our cell walls.  Mask Up!

So why Wash Up? 

The membrane of COVID19 is made using glycoproteins, (a protein with a sugar attached).  Glycoprotein bonds are the virus's weak point, easily broken (aka denatured) using bleach, soap or alcohol. Once you penetrate its membrane the guts inside spill out and the virus is rendered harmless. 

Our Power article we will cover the micronutrient astaxanthin in more detail.  Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant and helps detox our body's cells from surplus Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). The natural form of astaxanthin embeds itself cell plasma membrane with one of its tails exposed to the blood stream.

Aastaxanthin is part of our cell wall defense system.  If a COVID19 virus gets close enough,  the tail will steal an oxygen molecule from the glycoprotein, denature the membrane and neutralize the virus prior to entering the cell. 

This mechanism helps protect us from bacterial and fungal pathogens using the same strategy.  

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 We use also use astaxanthin in our hand sanitizer and wound care products for its anti-pathogen properties.