The Science of Aging Gracefully:  Two tips to retain muscle strength & endurance

The Science of Aging Gracefully: Two tips to retain muscle strength & endurance

The Science of Aging Gracefully.  Two tips to retain muscle strength & endurance

As we age,  we can slowly lose muscle mass, as well as a reduction in the strength, endurance and mobility.  Two tips to retain muscle strength and endurance.

 Tip #1: Add resistance to your routine. Weights do wonders for increasing and preserving muscle performance and recovery time.

Tip #2:  Get natural astaxanthin in your diet.

Unfortunately,  I have some bad news to share.   You vegetarians & plant-based meat eaters are plain out of luck and have to use supplements.  Astaxanthin only comes naturally into our diet via animal meat.

Before you meat eaters out there relax,  I have more bad news.  As we industrialized production of chickens, fish, pigs,  we started feeding our animals cheap corn and soy bean with plenty of antibiotics tossed in. Astaxanthin is passed up to use through natural food chain.  Wild Coho salmon?  Deep red in color,  plenty of astaxanthin!   Farmed salmon?  Orange tinted flesh. The salmon industry uses synthetic astaxanthin from petrochemical feedstocks.  Synthetic astaxanthin does nothing for our health.   Chicken Eggs?  Chickens running around the farm eat a diet of grain and bugs.  Plenty of astaxanthin!  Eggs deep red/orange in color.  Go to the grocery store and pick up a dozen eggs. Yolks are yellow. Barely. No astaxanthin there.

So meat-eaters, you have to recreate the diet that our great, great, relatives lived on. Shoot game, eat wild fish, get your feet wet and grab shellfish off the rocks, and raise chickens in your back forty.  You can do it but that diet doesn’t not come cheap.

Or you can use a natural astaxanthin supplement.

Does astaxanthin work?

Yes!  In 2018 a study of 42 adults between the ages of 65-82 split the group into two. The “haves” got a daily dose of astaxanthin supplements.  The “have nots” were left to eat whatever they ate. After three months of incline walking (walking up hills = resistance!) guess who you want on your team? 

The “haves” increased muscle mass 14.4% vs. the “have nots” who managed only 2.7%.  The muscles in the “haves” group were 11.6% stronger as well.

Another recent study in 2020 split a bunch of bicyclists into two groups. The “haves” got astaxanthin supplements for 3 days.  No surprise,  the “haves” beat the “havenots” by 52 seconds over a 25 mile ride. 

 Adjuvia Cellular Health Essential Oil is formulated as an all natural and affordable supplement to get fast acting, high potency all natural astaxanthin as part of of your daily routine.  For vegetarians, plant based meat eaters and those of us that can’t find or afford the meat that that used to be in our diet until we took it out.

For those of you looking for the science. Find it here.