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The Five Pillars of the Immune System- Power

The Five Pillars that form our immune system are Power, BloodCommand & ControlCell Walls & Hunters

This article is about power and to talk about power we have to introduce the mitochondria. The entire animal kingdom uses mitochondria to power cells with the number of mitochondria per cell varying depending on the cell's function. Muscle cells?  Lots of power required. 

When we activate our immune system we call on our mitochondria to make more power. 

We need to manufacture enough white blood cells to track down and kill viruses in our blood stream,  detect and kill any virus- infected cells and remove, dispose and replace dead or damaged cells. Have a fever?  That rise in core temperature requires power.  The shakes come from short rapid muscle convulsions which raise our core temperature. When the virus infects a healthy cell it commandeers the mitochondria to make power to help it replicate. 
For those following our story, you already know that when the mitochondria makes power, it also makes a side product called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).  Small amounts of ROS are useful but surplus ROS is toxic to our bodies. 

When we increase power production,  we increase surplus ROS. 

The surplus ROS either binds with antioxidants or in the absence of antioxidants attacks healthy cells and DNA.  In this series, we have covered the role micronutrients play in our immune system.  Many if not most micronutrients are also antioxidants such as CQ10,  vitamin C,  arachidonic acid and zinc.  If these valuable compounds are oxidized by ROS then they are not available to help the immune system.  Astaxanthin, in the proper 3S, 3'S form, is nature's most powerful antioxidant.   It is a unique micronutrient and plays no other role in our bodies except to protect all of the other micronutrients your immune system requires to fight off infections and recover from wounds. 

Adjuvia Immune System Booster:
  8 Micronutrients to Boost your Immune System

Our immune boosting formula contains highly bioavailable natural astaxanthin using our patented process. Astaxanthin detoxifies our cells from surplus ROS, protects our thymus's ability to train and make the volume of T-Cells needed to respond to a viral threat.  We also include DHA/Omega 3 to help the command and control network with able to make the signals needed for intercell communication. 

It is best immune system booster supplement to support the five pillars of your immune system.