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Nature's most powerful mitochondria targeted antioxidant derived from non GMO algae.

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3.6B years ago

Life on Earth

First bacteria and archaea

2.7B years ago

First Eukaryotes

The birth of the animal and algae kingdoms Both kingdoms used archaea (mitochondria) for power. Need for stronger antioxidants kicks off carotenoid evolution.

700M Years Ago

Nature Invents Astaxanthin

It took 2B years for nature to make di-esterified 3S, 3'S astaxanthin. The most powerful antioxidant in the carotenoid family

600M years ago

Cambrian Explosion

Astaxanthin protects vitamin C from being oxidized by the mitochondria. Vitamin C makes Collagen, blood vessels, bones, shells sparking multicellular life.

63M Years Ago

Vitamin C Mutation

Primates  stop making vitamin C. Oh higher order carnivores didn't need to make astaxanthin either. Just eat other animals that make this foundational compound.


Industrialization of Glucose

Beginning of major shift in human dietary intake of sugar and starches. Sugar from sugar beets & starches from white flour roll mills.


Industrialization of Poultry

Poultry feed lots convert chickens into vegetarians, eliminating astaxanthin from their diet and ours. Chickens get sick and treated with antibiotics, vaccines and growth hormones.


High Fructose Corn Syrup

Another sugar source finds its way into  processed foods.  T


Human Health Declines

Increased glucose intake leads to increased ROS. No astaxanthin pours fuel onto the fire, increasing rates of diabetes,
neurodegenerative &  heart disease.  


Industrialization of Fish Farming

Farmed fish consumption exceeds wild caught. Farmed fish lack astaxanthin in their diets removing another source of mitochondria targeted antioxidants.


Adjuvia Astaxanthin Invented

Founding team invents process to extract 3S, 3'S astaxanthin from algae and increase bioactivity 47X. Extensive testing on over 200 varieties of fish.


Adjuvia.Life Is Born

We launched our first micronutrient supplements for humans containing our di-esterified 3S, 3'S astaxanthin. to enhance our health, wellness and boost immunity.


Immune System Booster


Excellent way to naturally support my immune system!

In the wake of Covid-19, I’ve been looking for an extra way to support my immune health...and this booster has given me great peace of mind. I’ve been feeling great since I started taking it (I’m on my 4th bottle now)!

Bedsore Cream


Hey! I had two nearly identical wounds on my hand. Tried your bedsore cream on the right half of the lower scar applying it 2x per day for 3 weeks. Even the left half where the adjuvia wasn’t directly applied is diminished in size and color, and some of the top scar has diminished size and color where it was applied NEAR the wound. It does leave a bit of an orange tint on the scar tissue but it’s hardly noticeable! It looks photoshopped or like the injury never even occurred. 

Bedsore Wound Cream

L. C. Wound Care Nurse

used on multiple patients -

P#1 wound right heel unstageable pressure wound with signs of infection - clinically improved with reduction in size, no signs of infection. 

P#2  allergic dermatitis - significantly improved rash

P#3 sacral MASD large wound - improved with overall reduction in size - granulation of wound bed improved - signs of infection resolved. 

Anti-Aging Cream


Fast acting, high quality product!

After a two week course on my forehead, I saw immediate results in the reduction of wrinkle lines. I can't wait for the next two weeks to see additional results! The product is easy to use and smells great.

Hand Sanitizer


We are a Home Health and Hospice Agency that provides nursing and aide care to elderly patients in their homes. Hand hygiene is of the utmost importance. My employees and I wash or sanitize our hands upwards of 25-30 times a day. As anyone with skin can attest to, this is detrimental to the moisture state of our hands. We are constantly looking for products that meet safety standards but also won't prematurely give us alligator hands. Dry, itchy, flaky skin is what we are accustom to. The Adjuvia Hand Sanitizer  has been a breath of fresh air for us!! T After drying, the result is soft hydrated skin that needs no supplement. As health care professionals we have tested several hand sanitzers and Adjuvia is the most preferred at our office.

Anti-Aging Cream

Amanda S.

The cream goes on smooth and leaves a wonderful scent. The orange color might be intimidating, however, it disappears quickly. After only 2 weeks of use, there is a notable difference in smoothness of skin and age spots are becoming lighter!

Bedsore Cream

Nursing Home Owner

Great Product

I was recommended this cream by my friend. I take care of people on Hospice and used on a few of our elder client, who has bedsore. It is great product and it does work.
Highly recommend

Anti-Aging Cream


I have been using this product on the backs of my hands for 14 days and I can already see a significant difference in moisture retention and elasticity. The noticeable lines below my wrists have significantly decreased also! I will continue to use this product!

Our Process


We source plant biomass from sustainable growers of algae and yeast rich in our target compounds  including astaxanthin, selenium and taurine. 

Nano Emulsion and Separation

We didn't invent di-esterified 3S, 3'S astaxanthin. We invented a method to extract astaxanthin from algae cells and increase bioavailability and bioactivity 47X.

We crush plant cells,  separate out indigestible cellulose, remove food grade solvents and are left with a lipid rich nano emulsified stock oil containing 99%+ of the compounds found inside algae and plant cells.

Testing & Formulation

We use third party labs to test our emulsified oils for metals, pesticides, biological agents and biocide contamination  as well as certify the amount of our target compounds in our stock oil. 
Depending on the final product, we add natural flavorings, carrier oils or base cream ingredients. 


We operate  & control our own cGMP production facility to fill jars, bottles & gel caps followed by a labeling and shipping desk.  We track 100% from farm to fork and ship within 2 business days 99.99% of the time. 

Our Team